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Gamer’s Economy

Our goal is to create an ecosystem that utilizes Blockchain infrastructure to help Web2 Gamers leverage the Gamer’s Economy. We aim Democratise ESports, Incentivise Gameplays, Empower Gaming Communities.


Built for


First trustless Infra to bring mass Gaming Traction to Web3

Gamer’s Profiling

  • We bring Verified Gamer’s Profiling for the Web2 Gaming mass to showcase their verified skills.
  • Standardising the profiles for the acceptance around all the platforms & competitions.
  • Verification of the Data by any third party institution minifying the hassle and time consumption to validate a gamer.

Exceptional User Experience

  • Gamer friendly Experience for interacting & leveraging the competitions
  • Bridging the gap of Availability and Usability of P2E Mechanisms for the Web2 & Web3 Games
  • Bringing no-code Customisation in P2E logic for an easier onboarding of Gaming Communities

Enable the power of DeFi for your favourite Game.

  • Create P2E Mechanisms for games like CS:GO & Valorant.
  • Use our Data Feeding Infrastructure to create your own competitions with Smart Contracts.
  • Payment Infrastructure on Blockchain.

Gamer’s Economy

  • Encouraging Innovation & Incentivising Gameplay with all possible data feeds from games you love.
  • We enable gamer’s profiling in a decentralised and trustless process with Polygon ID.
  • In-game Trades and asset exchanges facilitated through escrows.
  • Trades & Barters can be done with our network token without sacrificing Privacy & Relieve from credit card thefts.

What is TURF ?

We are an Infrastructure product that enables every High-Fidelity Gamer to Leverage Web3 and Incentivise their Gameplay. We thrive to ramp up the category of Gamer’s Economy with the Blockchain based Infrastructure facilitating the Payment System and Democratising ESports for Gaming Communities & Games.


What’s the problem we’re solving

One of the major hurdles in implementing blockchain technology in gaming is the fact that many conventional Web2-based games are not readily adaptable to Web3.
  • Big companies are the only Authorities to organise ESports Events
  • That leads ESports are restricted to Top Gamers & Top Games

Solution we bring on table?

We aim to build a solution to Incentivise, Monetise & Gamify Gameplay for the Web2 Games by leveraging Web3.
This is how :
  • Democratizing ESports and making it Cheaper, Trustless & Decentralised.
  • Enable every gamer to incentivise their gameplay.

Robust Infra to Power up the Gaming Industry

Network is Built to scale w Polygon Supernets with the capabilities of EVM to build world class DApps for your Custom ESports Event. Leveraging Polygon ID for Verifiable & Sharable Gamer’s Profile.


Redefining gamers

Economy with Web3


We Thrive to build an ecosystem around us



We are an Infrastructure product modularising Gaming, Financial & ESports aspects making the P2E usable and accessible for Gamers, Gaming Communities & Games.

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